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photo: Stuart Brinin


"If music is a language, then Berkeley percussionist and composer Anthony Brown is probably one of the most articulate men in jazz."

   — The San Francisco Chronicle

"...and Mr. Brown, swinging away on drums, made the piece levitate."

   — The New York Times

Percussionist, composer, ethnomusicologist, educator and Smithsonian Associate Scholar Dr. Anthony Brown is a seminal figure in the contemporary California creative music scene, directing the Asian American Orchestra in addition to performing with some of the foremost musicians in jazz today.

10th Anniversary Celebration "Bridging Japantown and the Fillmore with Jazz" Yoshi's San Francisco, 2008

Three excerpts from the concert: Rhymes (For Children) (Anthony Brown), Little Rootie Tootie (Thelonious Monk), and Rhapsody In Blue/American Rhapsodies (Finale) (George Gershwin)

DON'T LOSE YOUR SOUL - Trailer from Jim Choi on Vimeo.

Sneak peek at DON'T LOSE YOUR SOUL, the music of Anthony Brown and Mark Izu, Bay Area Jazz legends, co-directed by Jim Choi & Chihiro Wimbush.

"Don't Lose Your Soul" is a tribute to the pioneering work of Mark Izu and Anthony Brown, co-founders of the Asian American Jazz movement which, like the Latin Jazz movement before it, was a brilliant melding of cultural traditions with the freedom and power of jazz. The film is both an intimate portrait of their 30+ year partnership in close-up, featuring interviews with the artists along with archival photographs and footage of their rich musical history, as well as wide angle celebration, culminating in one night at Yoshi's jazz club in San Francisco's legendary Fillmore district.

Recorded live at Yoshi's Jazz Club in Oakland, CA, the latest CD by the Asian American Orchestra showcases North Indian instrumentalists and African percussion performed by Kenneth Nash in new arrangements of classic Coltrane compositions including "Living Space," "Olé," "Liberia," "Dahomey Dance," and the extended works, "India" and "Africa."

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